A Day With India’s Best Music Composer: A Fan’s Dream Comes True

OMG OMG.. Finally my dream came true and I got to spend a whole day with musician Numero Uno – his excellency Pritam Chakraborty.

Yes, it finally happened. I visited his house, his music studio.. ow wowowoww.. I still can’t believe it.

Don’t believe me? Huh, I knew it, you cynical morons!!

That’s why I took pictures.. !! He was so nice.. he showed me around his whole place.. showed me how he made music.. It was great..!!

I spent a day with Pritam, I spent a day with Pritam… Na Na Na Na Na Na.. Na Na Na Na Na Na…

Enjoy these pics, LOSERS.. hahaaaa!!

1. There was this giant world map on Pritam’s music room’s wall. I don’t know what this map is for. I’m guessing it’s a map of the places he has visited. But I don’t think he’s ever visited Lebanon or Indonesia.. who goes there anyway? Weird..!! If anyone can decipher this, please tell me.


2. Pritam also showed me the kind of technology that goes into modern music making. He walked me through this proprietary music making software called “Pritam’s Music Studio.” He claims it is the most advanced software out there. I donno why but I think I’ve seen the software somewhere… I hate these deja vu’s. Nevertheless I was quite impressed.. that’s some cool tech right there. (By the way.. lemme tell you a secret.. He was using a pirated version of Windows Vista.. heee heee…!!).


3. I had the honor to see some of Pritam’s personal notes, like the one above detailing the channel settings for some of Life In A Metro’s songs. I loved the album and it was great to see what went behind the making of the masterpiece. Not only is Pritam ‘ji’ hi-tech, he’s bloody organized.. Wow!!
Respect..!! (If you don’t know what channel settings are.. go die idiot!! Or go here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereophonic_sound).


4. When I was in Junior College, I tried learning the language of music. I found it uber hard and dropped the idea. So I always wondered if Music Composers actually wrote Music in the notation and all. Pritam says you can’t be a musician if you don’t know how to write music. He has even invested lakhs of rupees in a machine from Japan that helps him write music. He says a few other of his contemporaries have this machine too. This is what it looks like. Since by now I was feeling a little more comfortable, I joked that the machine looks like a photocopier. He laughed it off. That my friend is the measure of a true man – no matter how big you are, you can take jokes on you..!!


5. And finally.. I asked the man himself to play something for me on his guitar that he plays so well. And I clicked him.. In action! Must say I haven’t seen a guitar like his ever. Must be the super-pro variety…!! It had no strings only.. had some hi-fi buttons with something engraved on em..!! Whoa.. quite a site..!! Genius at work..!!


So that was it.. my dream coming true. At about 5pm, I had to leave. I wish I did not have to. But before leaving, I had something important to clear. My day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask him that question, the question that bothers a true Pritam fan like me. So I asked:

“Pritam Ji, please don’t mind me asking this.. but I’ve heard a lot of stories recently that most of the music that you composed is ripped off from somewhere. Is that true?”

Pritam Ji looked disturbed. I had hurt him. But he remain composed and said:

“Nitesh.. you’ve been here with me for a whole day and I’ve shown you my house, my studio, my notes, my instruments, and I’ve walked you through my whole music creation process. Did you see anything that even remotely suggests that I copy my music from elsewhere..?”

I felt sorry for asking him that question, apologized, and as great a man as he is, he forgave me; he’s a giver.. he only knows how to give.. doesn’t take anything from anyone.

So friends. You have the proof right in front of your eyes in the form of these pictures.

I hope that now you’d stop accusing him of copying his music once and for all, and respect and honor the musical genius that Pirate’m, I mean Pritam, is.




  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThere was this giant world map on Pritam’s music room’s wall. I don’t know what this map is for. I’m guessing it’sa map of the places he has visited. But I don’t think he’s ever visited Lebanon or Indonesia.. who goes there anyway? … […]

  2. HP said

    Awesome !!

  3. […] A Day With Pritam Chakraborty: A Fan’s Dream Comes True […]

  4. rajesh said


    I think you have spent a lot of time for creating the map and all other stuffs….

    Great man… your sense of humor is great.

    I sent this link to all of my friends…

  5. m said


  6. sonu said

    m, you sound like a psycho dude.. what does “NT BT ALL THIS” mean?

  7. Zainab said

    Lol,I never knew that pritam is copies his music and now that ive listened to the originals of all these songs,wow they are pretty similar and id give it to him,even copying is an art he has perfected at really!
    I always felt his composition is similar to jals and atifs..hehe no wonder!

  8. BollywoodPlusPlus said

    Considering the amt of ‘inlfuenced’ music that goes in Bollywood, Filmfare should announce a “Best Influenced Music” award from this yr … or even better, “Best Ambassador of Foreign Music”!
    Of course, this yr (2007) award will go to none other than Pritam for music of Metro.

  9. yourock! said

    haha…the comments made me laugh more than your actual post….some people just don’t get it!!

  10. Vrij said

    Haha.. I so totally love his post.. amazng research and homework done for this.. kudos!

  11. Vrij said

    Btw… ur previous template looked better!

  12. Nitesh said

    Thanks mate.. I changed the template cos the old one was giving me trouble. I use Windows Live Writer to blog (if you blog, I seriously recommend using it.. it’s awesome), and somehow the old template was not doing well with it. This one does much better (and has a custom header too :))

  13. khudabukhsh said

    this is very funny

  14. Vrij said

    Yep.. Live writer is pretty good.. tried it once.

    Also, I just realised that Dhoom machale song is also Pritam’s composition. Donno if its original or a rip-off! Can u plz enlighten me?

  15. […] before giving complete credit to its music director Pritam, because of instances of countless plagiarism! But one cannot take away the singing credits from Soham Chakraborty (are Pritam and Soham related? […]

  16. Came across the song ‘Pehli Nazar mein’ from Race:

    Which is thanks to Pritam’s Korea connexion!


  17. Zee said

    You are awesome.. what a grt writer.. genius muahhh 😉 Haha nay anywayz you are grt!! keep it up!!

  18. Suraj said


  19. Akshay said

    So many ppl in awe of a total jackass!! India’s best composer it seems!! lol
    Ask the guy to come with smethin original. Even if he does tht (i doubt he will) ask him to try and match the standards of Rahman.

  20. Akshay said

    awsome post nevertheless. bt dude..u will be amazed at the no of fans he has….

  21. cool said

    You really sux….

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